Who is ChansMachining?

Chansmachining was Founded in Shenzhen in the 2010 year. we are a rapid prototyping company and custom product parts rapid manufacturer.

we specialize in processing rapid prototyping and low-volume parts with plastic and metal parts. Our products are applied in medical, electronics, aerospace, machinery, communications, Toys, smart equipment and other industries.

We are a solution supplier of one-stop service from prototype to production, so our customers could make their products more cost-effective.

What could ChansMaching do for you?

We provide high-quality rapid prototyping and small-batch manufacturing services, including CNC machining, rapid tooling, sheet metal forming, plastic and aluminum extrusion.

We have the ability to produce precision parts of various metal and plastic materials in the size range from 10 mm to 600 mm.

We accept raw materials for plates, bars or tubes, and are experienced in processing various materials such as aluminum, copper, stainless steel and carbon steel.

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We have vertical, horizontal, 3-axis, 4-axis and 5-axis CNC machine, which can manufacture various parts with tolerances of ±.0002’’ (0.005 mm).

Professional inspect equipment is the guarantee of quality

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