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Titanium Machining material

A simple introduction to rapid prototyping

Do you know what is a rapid prototype? Rapid prototyping is a method of product development that converts design ideas into physical models. It provides a fast way to test and inspects the products.

Prototypes need to be produced many times. Each time the components need to be modified after being tested and evaluated until the perfect product is produced.

Speed is a key principle in rapid prototyping. So prototyping can make multiple designs out of different materials. This provides the engineering department and sales staff with prototype information for the product so that they can quickly modify the prototype design and make the product into the market as soon as possible.

Type Of Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping technology is widely used in all manufacturing industries. Depending on the purpose, rapid prototyping can be classified into different categories.

Concept Model Prototype

This allows you to visually evaluate whether your idea is achievable after you get the overall look and feel to the proto.

Engineering Prototype

This is numbers of rigorous tests and analyses of the prototype, ensuring the design can be mass-production without errors.

Functional Test Prototype

This is to check and test the appearance and function of the product under extreme working conditions to ensure that it operates appropriately.

Dispaly Model Prototype

This is a prototype nearly the same to the final product. It can be used for market research and evaluate whether it is ok for mass production.

rapid prototype model

Rapid Prototyping Application

  • Inventors can display their creative ideas to investors or interested manufacturers to get a nice  cooperation
  • Marketers can test the market with low-volume prototypes, so as to improve the design or schedule production based on feedback.
  • Engineers can use prototypes to identify materials, test assemblies, test functionality, and determine manufacturability.

Advantage Of Rapid prototype

  • Visualize abstract concepts. Displaying design ideas through three-dimensional prototypes is more impressive, and it is easy to show and communicate with others.
  • Improve products quickly. Making final products with as few defects as possible through the rapid iteration and refinement of rapid prototypes.
  • Choose the best version. Choosing the best combination for mass production after comparing prototypes made with different technologies and materials and.
  • Save money. Testing prototypes in multiple batches of low volume could reduce a lot of development costs and minimize the unknown risk of design.
rapid prototype model

Rapid Prototyping Process

There a lot of quick prototype manufacturing method, such as 3d print prototypes, rapid vacuum casting, urethane casting, and rapid injection molding. But ChansMachining focuses on the CNC prototype machining, and sheet metal prototyping now.

Rapid CNC Prototype Service

CNC machining is suitable rapid prototyping solutions for short-cycle and small-batch production. It can produce high-precision prototypes from a wide variety of metals and plastics without investing inexpensive tools.

ChansMachining has 3-axis, 4-axis, 5-axis lathes and milling machines. we could manufacture various prototypes with high quality for you.

Rapid Sheet metal Prototype Service

Rapid sheet metal prototyping is ideal for part shell structures and brackets of all sizes. It mainly makes prototypes by bending, cutting, welding, etc. It is highly cost-effective in mass production.

ChansMachining also offers a variety of materials for sheet metal, including alloys including steel, copper, and stainless steel.

Multi Rapid Prototyping Materials

ChansMachining is a one-stop for your prototype project with a wide machining material selection, including metal, plastic, wood, ceramics, glass, and so on.

Metal prototype

Metal Rapid Prototype

The metal prototype material is mainly Copper, Aluminum, and Stainless Steel. The metal proto and parts manufacturing methods are CNC machining, sheet metal, aluminum extrusion, and so on.

plastic prototype model

Plastic Rapid Prototype

The plastic prototype material is mainly ABS, Acrylic, Teflon, and PP. The plastic proto and parts manufacturing method are CNC manufacturing, 3d printing, urethane casting, and so on.

wood prototype model

More Material Rapid Prototype

Except for the metal and plastic material for prototyping, there is more other materials for your project choice from us, you could still think of wood, ceramics, Si3N4 & SiC, and so on.

The rapid prototypes we have done 

In the past years, we have manufactured thousands of prototypes to help our worldwide customers. Contact us to get a help or quote for your prototype example

Why choose us as your rapid prototype solution supplier


We provide flexible manufacturing for prototype. Whatever your quantity is, even it is 1pcs, we could supply it for you int time.

Fast Turnaround

With our own machining and outsource capacity, we could ship your prototype model in very short time.

Tight Tolerances

We have done successfully many aerospace and medical prototypes in past years. We are confident to do it for you.

More materials Choice

We could not only supply common metal and plastic meterial, but also some special material for you prototype parts.

FAQS About ChansMachaning Rapid Prototyping Service 

Can you arrange urgent order in a very short time?

Yes, we could arrange prototype manufacturing according to the customer development process. Please let us know your time requirement.

Can you use my material supplier for my order?

Yes, if you have a prototype material supplier, please ask them to ship your material to our factory address. We will use these materials to produce.

Can I choose a surface finish for my prototype?

Yes, we have many surface finish methods for metal and plastic prototypes. Just let us know what types of surface finishes you need. And we will make the final prototype with it.

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