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Rapid Prototyping and Low-Volume CNC Mahcining shop

ChansMachining is a professional CNC shop equipped with many advanced machines and lathes. Our custom machining service could support your order from low to large volumes. You could save money and time because our experienced engineers will choose suitable materials and processing methods to manufacture your prototype and production parts according to your design and product usage requirements.

CNC Machining Service

The most effective processing way to manufacture high-precision or complex parts and prototypes from low to large volume.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

The cost-effective way to manufacture equipment panels, boxes, brackets, base plates, clips, fixtures, covers, and other parts

More prototype and machine parts processing methods and related support services are available for you.

The industry we CNC machining service











Sporting equipment

Scientific Device

Chans Machining is a machining factory company with ten years of experience. We have been equipped with lathes and 3-axis, 4-axis, and 5-axis CNC lathes. We can provide milling, turning, metal stamping, processing, etc.

We can provide more than 30 kinds of metal and plastic raw materials, and all supplies are strictly selected to guarantee the quality of your parts. At the same time, there are more than 15 types of surface finishing for you to choose, this surface treatment can make your product extremely excellent.

In the past ten years, we have worked with more than 1,000 customers from more than 50 countries around the world, and we are proud to provide cost-saving and high-quality products for their projects.

ChansMachining is one shop for your manufacturing parts requirement and supply chain management. Let us participate as soon as possible and we will help you spend your money wisely.

Why you can trust ChansMachining as your manufacturer?

Instant Quoting

Most of time, we could quote you the price and delivery time in hours after you upload the detailed 3D design file with your requirement.

10+Years in Business

In the past years, we have gathered experience to solve various technical difficulties and efficiently make your parts.

Fast delivery

Equipped with advanced 3-axis,4-axis 5-axis machine and reliable supplier guarantee us could ship your order earlier time.

Massive Network Capacity

We build strong relationship with rapid manufacturing partners to make our capacity unlimited with a flexible system

Guaranteed Quality

A complete set of inspection equipment & a strict quality control system makes excellent machining parts for you.

Fast Turnaround

Massive Network and experienced engineers make us to create complex parts and rapid prototype for you in short time.

Our Machined parts

In the past years, Chansmachining have cooperate with many customers around the world to manufacture more than 20,000 type various parts and prototyping with high quality. During the time, we learn knowledge and gather experience from different technical troubles in design and fabrication. Now we could complete complex design efficiently in short time and low cost.

How to get cnc machining quote from ChansMachining

Send Inquiry

Please upload your your 3D design file.

Analysis And Quote

We will analyze your design and then quote the best with the detailed information.

Order confirm

You could review our quotation, then confirm and arrange payment.


We will send your sample to confirm and then begin massive production.

Quality inspect

We will inspect all parts in order to guarantee the best quality for you.


All parts will be packed in good condition and shipped in the fast way.

Get your design parts into precision manufacturing now

engineering support to draw 3D design

Low to large volume acceptable

Lead times from 10 business days

50+ metals and plastics material

10+ surfaces finishes

Tight tolerances down to ±.0002’’ (0.005 mm)

Global Delivery

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