CNC small parts machining service

Stable 2~15μm machining accuracy to meet the requirements of complex shape precision small parts

CNC small parts machining service

CNC small parts manufacturing shop

Small CNC machining parts are widely used in various industries. But technically speaking, the smaller the part the more difficult it is to produce. Especially some small precision parts with complex shapes also have certain requirements for CNC machine tools.

Chansmachining is a professional precision miniature parts manufacturer. We have the equipment, tools, and skilled workers required for specialized small parts. We can provide you with tight tolerances and the highest quality little parts or tiny parts.

Small parts CNC machining process

Chansmachining is a professional CNC small or micro parts machining manufacturer factory. We are equipped with various 3-axis, 4-axis, and 5-axis machining centers and lathes for the production of small parts.

Small milling components

Small turned parts

Small drilling parts

CNC machining small parts meterial and application

We can customize small precision machining parts in large or small batches with various metal or plastic materials.

We produce tiny machined parts for a variety of industries including aerospace, optical, medical and automotive.

We custom manufacture small part types including custom adapters, knobs, disks, gaskets, heat sinks, cranks, shafts and more. These small components are used in satellites, watches, automobiles, respirators, electron microscopes and medical human implants.

Custom small parts machining shop

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