Precision And Complex CNC Machining Service in China


Impeller complex machining

According to our experience in machining for so many years, there are two main characteristics of complex parts. Complex parts do not have a standard and need CNC custom machining according to specific requirements. Besides, Complex components have strict tolerance requirements and demand CNC precise machining.

ChansMachining is a professional CNC machining workshop in China. We have great experience in machining complex parts and prototypes. We are also equipped with high-end 5-axis and 4-axis CNC machining centers and experienced engineers, so both complex large parts machining and small components machining are available.

Besides, various CNC machining material is available for hard parts machining and soft parts manufacturing, including Alloy Steel, Aluminum, Cobalt, Copper, Magnesium, Nickel, Stainless Steel, Titanium, Tungsten, and Zinc.

Complex CNC Machining Process

CNC Turning Machining For Complex Part

Turning is very efficient when machining complex parts with bar shape.

CNC Milling Machining for Complex Part

Milling is even more advantageous when machining complex parts in the form of plates

Our Equipement For Complex CNC Machining

4 axis CNC for Complex Machining

Compared with 5-axis machining center, 4-axis machining center has a little less tolerance accuracy, but it has a high cost efficiency when machining complex parts without high accuracy requirements.

5 axis CNC for Complex Machining

If you have a very complex structure of parts with very strict tolerance requirements. Then the five-axis machining center is very superior, it it can complete turning and milling at once.

Complex machining is common in industries requiring heavy machined parts and precision machined parts, such as Aerospace, Energy, Automotive, Medical, Vessel, Defense.

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