Custom CNC Milling service

  • 50+ Materials 
  • From 10pcs up 10000pcs
  • Tolerances of ±0.005mm
  • Various surface finishes
  • Parts ship in 3-12 days

CNC milling is a subtractive machining process. In the production process, the tool and spindle of the CNC machine are controlled by a computer. The tool then removes material from various workpieces according to the design drawings to produce custom-designed parts.

ChansMaching is a machining shop equipped with vertical and horizontal CNC milling machines. We can provide 3-axis, 4-axis, and 5-axis CNC milling services to meet your high machining tolerances and quality requirements.

cnc milling advantage

Why do you need CNC milling?

Superior accuracy
CNC milling is an automated computer-controlled operation that maximizes accuracy and minimizes errors.

Manufacturing complex parts
The CNC machining process is very flexible. With a simple setup, it is possible for CNC milling to produce parts of almost any complex shape.

Since the CNC milling machine is computer-controlled, most human errors can be eliminated. The consistency of each product and each batch of products can be guaranteed. This can greatly improve the efficiency of assembly.

Fast iteration
You can easily modify the product to meet market demand. You just need to upload the setup file to the CNC milling machine after the design is modified.

CNC Milling materials

The choice of CNC milling materials is very extensive. As a professional CNC metal milling company, we mainly use the following processing materials.

CNC milling metal material
Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Alloy Steel, Brass

CNC milling plastic material
Polycarbonate, ABS,Nylon, POM, PTFE(Teflon), PEEK, HDPE

cnc milling material
cnc milling surface finish

CNC milling surface finish

Surface treatment could increase the aesthetic appearance of products, enhance product strength and resistance, and improve corrosion resistance.

Anodizing, Bead blasting, Powder Coating, Electroplating, Polishing, Brushing, Painting

Polishing, Brushing, Bead blasting

CNC milling machining application

Because of the flexibility, convenience, and high precision of CNC milling, it is widely used in many industries. Over the past years, we have helped clients from different industries to complete their projects.

cnc milling prototype

CNC milling prototype

CNC milling machining could transfer your design to a prototype in a short time with the lowest cost. This prototype is the same as batch production.  

cnc milling Optical part

CNC milling Optical parts

In the optical industry, optical equipment has extreme requirements on component tolerances, precision, and roughness. 

cnc milling mould part

CNC milling mold parts

In all the batch plastic product manufacturing, the mold is required for the injection. CNC milling is the main process to make a precision mold.

cnc milling medical part

CNC milling medical parts

CNC milling is the best way to produce medical devices and instruments because of its tight tolerances and high precision requirements.

cnc milling electronics part

CNC milling electornic parts

CNC milling machining could manufacture boxes and parts for electronic products with many nice surface finish selection.

cnc milling aerospace part

CNC milling aerospace part

CNC milling Machining could manufacture super high precision components,  so that they could be Installed precisely and tightly.

Why choose our CNC machining service?

We are confident to be your one-stop CNC milling shop for CNC milling production.

Strict quality manager

We are equipped with various inspection machine. The inspection begins from the material coming. All material will be checked and tested before going into the warehouse. During processing, we will be Sampling.  Before delivery, all parts will be examined.

Rich CNC milling experience

We have a stable Technical and production team. Besides, in the past years, we have worked with customers from different industries with Difference easy or difficult requirements. We could not only finish their project problems but also help to save money with our experience.

Fast shipping

We have reliable suppliers of metal and plastic materials,  so that all order materials can be supplied in time. Besides, our machining shop is equipped with multiple three-axis, four-axis, and five-axis CNC milling machines, which can quickly produce and deliver your order.

Our CNC milling matching case

In the past years, we have manufactured thousands of CNC milling parts and prototypes with the best quality and low cost for our customers CNC milling orders from worldwide. 

Transfer your design into physical model now

The overview to the CNC milling machining

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